Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kodak EasyShare v750

Introduction: Kodak EasyShare v705 is a self-effacing upgrade of the Kodak v570. Kodak v570 was released last year and it was also the first camera to feature two lenses. Kodak Retina Dual Lens Technology is the official name and it offers more standard zoom lens and ultra wide-angled lens.

Features: Kodak v750 has 2 lenses with 7 mega pixel sensors inside; it has a thickness of 20.4mm; high ISO range from 50-1000 which is available for all image sizes. EasyShare v750 offers 22 scene modes for every single possible situation; as well as it also offers an advanced video mode. You can reduce the camera-shake’s effect by turning on the digital stabilizer and can zoom up to 640×480 video at 30fps; and after the shot, you can even split the video in-camera.

Image Quality: 6 ISO settings are available in this camera which you can select at any instant. No discernible noise is found at the settings of ISO 50-100, which is the lowest ISO settings; begins to show some noise at ISO 200; camera blurs and noise has been deteriorated at ISO 400; ISO 800 and 1000 is better to use as a last resort because it makes so much noise.

Kodak EasyShare v750 dealt very well with chromatic deviations during the review even at the ultra wide-range settings of 23mm. V750 also offers a Macro setting that enables to focus within a short range of only 5cms. Kodak V750 offers the flash settings of Auto, Off, Fill and Digital Red-eye Reduction. The Maximum shutter speed is 8sec in the long exposure mode, so it is also quite suitable for night photography.

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