Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kodak EasyShare M883 Review: Family High End Camera

Several times ago Kodak had introduced the line of its newest digital camera, namely M series. The series is digital camera line for lifestyle segment which like slim camera, fashionably, has complete feature but with sensible price. M Series intentionally prepared to greet holiday.

There is four product variants from M series launched by Kodak, namely M753, M853, M873, and M883. And as greater product is M883 series.

Has complete name Kodak EasyShare M883, this product applies CCD type sensor which able to present 8 megapixel resolution. The camera which providing SD/SDHC/ MMC card expansion type is also provides 64MB internal memory. What is interesting, at M883 is available Internal Memory Plus feature. With this feature, when you take a picture and suddenly your memory card is full, the cameras will automatically switch the photo storage to the internal memory of camera. So the user is not necessarily to changes the setting manually and losing the valuable moment.

At the camera with 3x optic and 5x digital zoom ability its available image stabilizer feature. Which also interesting is the availability of face detection built-in technology, makes camera can take a photo with focus at the photo object faces. The ability to record video with VGA quality (640x480, 30 fps) is also implemented. And to see the photo or video record, Camera EasyShare M883 provides 3 inch LCD screen. This big LCD screen is very comfort to look around photo and video record.

With 92,4 x 56,5 x 19,2 mm dimension and 116 grams weight, this camera is very compatible to all snapshooter which need a camera to documented family event and its year-end vacation.

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