Monday, January 14, 2008

Smartphone Asus M930

GPSAndCo published of world exclusiveness the first photographs in Asus M930 (to read the short one). This terminal which takes again the concept of famous Nokia Communicator, two screens : small external and a larger intern, damage that this last does not occupy all the width of the terminal. In the same way, it has two keyboards : an external digital keyboard and an internal Azerty keyboard. For the anecdote, Asus describes this terminal like " Candy bar + Clamshell ".

Since, we could have more information on these design features and this reveals that this SmartPhone does not have a touch screen and he is thus provided with Windows Mobile Standard as the photographs let it predict.

Another change, the processor is not a PXA 270 but TI OMAP2 2431 given rhythm to 400 MHz. It is hoped that it will be faster than TI OMAP 850 given rhythm to 200 MHz which equipped with many PDAphones and which was rather slow even if it were not very greedy in energy.

In the same way memory RAM will be finally only 64 Mo and not 128 Mo.

And the absence of integrated receiver GPS is well confirmed.

Its principal characteristics :

· External screen of 2 inches (5,1 cm), of resolution 240 X 320 pixels and being able to post up to 65 536 colors

· Screen interns 2,6 inches (6,6 cm), of resolution 400 X 240 pixels and being able to post up to 65 536 colors

· Processor TI OMAP2 2431 Given rhythm To 400 MHz

· Tribande GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS, EDGE, 3G (2100 MHz) and HSDPA with 3,6 Mbps

· 256 Mo of ROMANIANS and 64 Mo of RAM

· Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

· Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

· Numerical camera of 3,2 Mégapixels with x-ray car

· Compatible port MicroSD HC (up to 32 Go)

· Mini USB 2.0

· Battery Lithium-Ion of 1100 mAh

· Mobile Windows 6 Standard

· Cut 11,3 X 5,4 X 18,7 cm

· Weight : 158 G

The resolution of the internal screen of 400 X 240 pixels is new to date, hope that it will be supported by the applications.

Asus M930 should be marketed in the first quarter 2008 and not information to date on its price. It will be surely presented officially at the living room World Mobile Congress next February in Barcelona.

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Asus M930

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