Thursday, January 17, 2008

Steve Jobs recently debuted the MacBook Air.

Last yera it was the iPhone, this year it’s the MacBook Air - an uberthin laptop MacIntosh computer.

Jobs said it is the world’s thinnest notebook — just .76 inches at its thicket point and .16 inches at its thinnest. “We’re talking thin here,” he said. The crowd went crazy over the the new laptop. There’s no doubt that it looks impressive. It has an 80 gig hard drive and a built in iSight web camera.

The MacBook Air is built to be a wireless machine and does not have a built in optical drive. You can buy a disc drive as an accessory.

Here’s some of the basic features:
Weight: 3 pounds
13.3 inch display
Full sized, backlit keyboard
2 GB memory

Price $1799.00

It’s scheduled to ship in two weeks.

It looks to be pretty cool, even for someone that is used to working on personal computer..


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