Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nokia N76

Nokia is about to enter the tight competition among the slimmest phone by promoting Nokia N76 as their first slimmest phone in the market. The release of Nokia N76 is a solid proove on how serious Nokia in slimmest phone class. The special about nokia is they are not only making their phone slim, but also put the touch of elegant and glassy look on Nokia N76. But the real question is, is it for us?
Slimmest Phone?
I have told you before that this phone is quiet slim. Nokia N76 is slimmer than RAZR from Motorola. But Nokia N76 length is longer than Motorola RAZR. This is because the wide size of Nokia N76 screen. The slim feature of Nokia N76 has several point to consider, one of them is only for careless person like I do who like to forget leaving my phone in my pant pocket where I should put it out before I sit. So far the product is design to be able to handle that kind of problem, but for how long it can endure?

Nokia N76 screen has the same quality as Nokia N75. With the screen size of 2.4 inches, Nokia N7 bring picture more detail and alive. Using 16 million colors enable Nokia N76 to bring 240x340 pixel resolution. And the size of front external Nokia N76 screen is quiet small, but it can bring same image quality as its internal screen.

The minus of using glassy look is it is easy to make footprint everytime the phone has been used. This footprint will likely annoying perfectionist person. This will encourage them to clean the footprint everytime the phone has been used. The wide size of Nokia N76 body also brings uncomfortable of use because it is hard to grasp or hold. I found hard to open Nokia N76 flip, it needed both of my hands. I think this is because several factors. First factor is its metal element which dominated the upper flip can cause phone to slip, and the second is the perfectionist of Nokia N76 designer who put so much effort to make the phone solid that doesn't give any tiny space for a finger to open the upper flip.


Nokia N76 is equipped with well known connection such as Bluetooth and USB connector. Transfer rate for Nokia N76 Bluetooth is approximately 100 kb/s. Connecting Nokia N76 to a computer can be done using several ways such as USB mass storage, PC Suite, and modem. Using USB version 2.0, enable Nokia N76 to transfer your data in 800 kb/s.

Like any other S60 handheld, Nokia N76 is build with camera 2MP resolution using CMOS technology made by Toshiba. Unfortunately, Nokia N76 can only produce standard image quality, except the image was taken in enough light intensity. If not, the image probably will have some noise and blur. I think the flash LED didn't do any good. Movie with 3GP format produced by Nokia N76 is also the same with any other camera phone in the market, 15 fps.

Nokia N76 Other Reviews:
MobileBurn reviews the Nokia N76 and writes, "The N76 is a quad-band phone, supporting all GSM/EDGE on 850/900/1800/1900MHz as well as the 2100MHz UMTS frequency. Reception is good and the audio quality is clear and loud enough, which also holds true when the speakerphone is in use. We did not experience any problems with 3G tower hand over during calls or streaming videos - even in Hong Kong's underground metro system."

Crunchgear reviews the Nokia N76 and writes, "The N76 is kind of a “high-fashion” smartphone. Because it runs S60 you have just about everything you could ask for — mail, IM, Symbian app support. But because it looks like a RAZR on steroids, it won’t make you look like too much of a geek. A very nice trade-off."

Trusted Reviews reviews the Nokia N76 and writes, "The main camera is a 2-megapixel job. I can’t help feeling that for an N series this is below par. Apart from the problems I had framing pictures outdoors in bright sunshine, due to the poor outdoor screen visibility, the camera had trouble capturing colours accurately. ... My standard shot of the coloured dish photographed indoors under normal household lighting conditions is rather dark and the colours are not very vibrant. The pink flowers are a much paler shade in the photo than they are in real life, while the mauve ones show some colour variance in the photo, which isn’t apparent in the plant itself."

CNET Australia has a first take review of the Nokia N76 and writes, "A microSD card slot on side of the N76 supports memory cards up to 2GB. There is a photo shortcut key that works even when the clamshell is closed; opening the flip after taking a photo launches the media gallery, allowing you to view the captured image on the 2.4-inch screen. The impressive display supports 16 million colours and looks fantastic. Like the N73, the N76 can upload pictures taken with its 2-megapixel camera directly to Flickr."

LaptopMag reviews the Nokia N76 and writes, "Multimedia is this clamshell's biggest strength. Music playback from the external stereo speakers was impressive, and we like the addition of a normal headphone jack. The N76 supports virtually every audio format under the sun, including AAC, MP3, and WMA files (including DRM-protected tracks). We did encounter a problem with the design: The 3.5mm jack is located on the top of the phone, so it's impossible to completely open this clamshell while the headset is plugged in. (Same thing goes for the USB charging port.) The N76's 2-MP camera delivered very good details in our tests with a bit of color degradation. Videos are recorded at 320 x 240 pixels and 15 frames per second. The footage we captured was good enough to post to YouTube."

PCMag reviews the Nokia N76 and writes, "The N76 has two cameras, but neither is very good. The VGA self-portrait camera takes watery low-res shots. The main 2-megapixel camera is fun to use, as you use the big front screen as a viewfinder, but shots are overexposed and bluish. The phone's video mode, on the other hand, is better. It takes decent 320-by-240 resolution videos at 15 frames per second. You can easily print photos to a Bluetooth printer, or send them via Bluetooth or USB to your PC or Mac."

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