Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger Review: Voice Smartphone from Hewlett-Packard

Returns to smartphone market, Hewlett-Packard starts it with launch HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger. “Voice Messenger” word refers to special feature related to voice. For example the gadget ability to reads e-mails. Moreover, we can reply the email with voice record, where the voice record would be in form of attachment e-mail with wav format. According to HP, this way enables message delivery which more practical and personal.

Targeted to bussines segment, iPAQ 512 of course is supplied with lot off features that is supporting productivity like push e-mail and VoIP. To connect to network, there is available GSM, GPRS, WiFi b/g, and Bluetooth connection. And because using Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system, all computing activities in PC or your notebook can be synchronize with this gadget. Unhappily, the Office Mobile application inside this smartphone it’s viewer only.

Compared to all PDA phone which been released by HP, this design have been more closingly to a phone. It’s fit and comforts to be grasped. Possibly we can say alike Nokia N70. Even it’s covered by plastic, combination of black and grey makes it seen classy. Fingger track also not seen; of course except at the screen.

Button formation in keypad it’s relatively close, so maybe will annoying big thumb people. Backlight facilitates sees the button in dark place. Besides left-right menu button and Call-End Call button, there is a Home button to returns to initial windows and Back button to return to menu before.

1,3 Megapixel camera in backside only accompanied by mini mirror; no addition flash lamp. It’s also no camera shortcut button. So, to apply camera, we must open Start, Camera. Looks in default menu, in Shortcuts menu there is shorcut button for Take a Photo. Otherwise, we can modify one of them to make shortcut to Camera.

On the top of camera there is a speaker. According to us, the voice is standard and tends to soft, even at maximum volume. Its more comfort applies the headset to listen music. Headset line-in in phone left under side, adjacent with MicroSD slot. Volume button also resides in phone left side, parallel with the screen.

With feature bases on sophisticated voice, iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger gives satisfaction to its busy user. Moreover with its average price, makes it more reached compared to one class peripheral like 02 Xda Atom Stealth or Dopod C720w. Unhappily, in the middle of 3G network trends, this peripheral only supports GPRS.

Price range: $320

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